Art Talk @ FACA


After Friday Pray, I try to manage my time, to join Art Talk with two Person very Well in there Industry, It is Datuk Sean Sulong, with Animation Like “kacang”, “ranggi” and more.. ( Under Mark Lensa Film), and U-Wei Haji Shaari, not i misteke this is 2d this come to here, U-Wei present Short Move – Buah Rambutan ….. *Dam it forget.

At Night i manage that some photo With U-Wei.

Ps: Wait…. I lazy to take off CF Card from my D-Slr. Hope Tomorow i get time,

Jika ikut perancangan awal Dato’ Lat akan datang memberi “art talk” – tapi apa yang saya tahu dari Freak pada 12&13 April,08. Dato’ Lat ada terlibat dengan POKOMIK. Di pesta Buku Antarabangsa.

– Detail & POKOMIK, talk at Pesta Buku Antarangbangsa,PWTC
* Klibf:Persidangan ilustrator, booth etc by Freak
* Klibf-PeKomik Minikon, Comic sale,etc by Freak


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