.iPhone 3G

akhir nya iPhone 3G dah secara rasmi di lancar kan di Amerika. Emm hairan juga bila iphone nak masuk Malaysia secara rasmi.

iPhone di pasaran Malaysia, boleh di katakan iPhone “underwater” hehe.

Emm so far aku masih tak minat lagi dgn iPhone lagi, kecuali lah Product Apple yg lain. Now I get my iPod Touch 16G. Next my Wisy list from Apple – MacBook-Blackor Mac Pro – Hehe ;))

–Notes —
Still Love My Nokia N95 With 2G m/card!!!!

More News About iPhone 3G –

Apple – iPhone

How the half-price iPhone 3G actually costs you more…. by Yahoo Tech

Apple Introduces the New iPhone 3G….. Lowyat.net (My)


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