My Project 24 Hours…


Sekarang jam 10.30am (time uk), insyaallah Gwe nak cuba 24 jam back to basic “stone age” just a answer my home phone only. 

Start 11.oo am (10.03.09) – 11.00am (11.03.09)

Why? i not sure why i do this, but i want to know can i life without all this things one day? No Internet, No 3G Phone (iPhone), No WiFi, No GPS/WAP, No Facebook, No Bloging,No Email, No YMsg, No gTalk, No tool be connect to others world.

Hope i can manage during 24 hour.

Say bye for 24 hours to Others World.

Salam Dari Gwe

Jess Rosaria “WhiteMelur” Yamin
@ Stone AGe / MElur STudio.

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